Symposium Parallel Screenings

Symposium Parallel Screenings

A Live by Sofia Mavragani (2022)
Photo by Thomas Beltsios


The three video-documented performances presented below constitute the parallel, complementary material of the Symposium In the event of Antigone: Crossings, Translations, Restagings, taking place online on December 12-13, 2022, and supported technically by the Goethe Institute, Athens.


A Live by Sofia Mavragani (2022)

How do we get back to Antigone when so much has been said about her and possibly without her? A choreography of words and concepts is based on texts and thoughts by: Athena Athanasiou, Anne Carson, Fred Moten, Judith Butler, Gina Politi, and Elena Tzelepis. Maria Vourou, Antigoni Fryda and Larry Gus / Panagiotis Melidis play on stage with the power of speech, theory, music and movement and compose a new collective text that can (or can not) be heard, sung and danced. The work was presented for four nights in the Summer of 2022 in four different venues: a traditional café, a nail studio, an open aqueduct and an amphitheater.

Idea – Choreography: Sofia Mavragani | Interpretation, Co-creation: Maria Vourou, Antigoni Fryda, Larry Gus / Panagiotis Melidis | Music: Larry Gus / Panagiotis Melidis | Artistic collaborator: Babis Makridis | Scientific advisory: Elena Tzelepis | Costumes: Basel Rozana | Lighting: Evina Vasilakopoulou | Drama: FBDS | Photos: Margarita Nikitaki | Graphic design: Dimitris Politis | Contact: Maria Tsolaki | Production: Fingersix / Athens



Antigone of Shatila by Mohammad Al Attar & Omar Abusaada (2014)

Antigone of Shatila (2014)—a play based on the experiences of 35 Syrian refugee women in the refugee camp Shatila in Lebanon—is the second adaptation of Ancient Greek Drama by the playwright Mohammad Al Attar and the director Omar Abusaada. It is preceded by their staging of The Trojan Women in Jordan (2013), and followed by their staging of Iphigenia in Berlin (2017). The trilogy invites non-professional actresses to an indirect conversation with the Greek tragedies in an attempt to reflect on the contemporary Syrian tragedy from the perspective of exiled Syrian women.

Written by Mohamad Al Attar | Directed by Omar Abu Saada | Actor training by Hala Omran | Produced by Aperta Productions | Run for the first time at the Al Madina Theatre in Beirut


Antigone Sr. / Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at The Judson Church (L) by Trajal Harrell (2014)

Vogueing meets postmodern dance and Ancient Greek tragedy in this work for five male dancers, the fifth installment of Trajal Harrell’s provocative series Twenty Looks or Paris Is Burning at the Judson Church. Reimagining the Antigone myth at the heart of the series since 2001, Harrell fashions “his own fierce, ragged mythology—one pieced together from pop culture, theory, voguing, dance history—and, always, the runway” (New York Times).

Choreography: Trajal Harrell | Interpretation: Elio Antwald, Trajal Harrell, Thibault Lac, Stephen Thompson and Ondrej Vidlar | Dramaturgy: Gérard Mayen | Co-production: New York Live Arts, CNDC Angers, CCN Belfort & HAU Hebbel am Ufer